Text Message Management for Ecommerce and Digital Product Owners.

Fully Managed

We take care of everything from creating content to delivering the message

Proven Results

You only pay when there’s sales. No out of pocket expenses

Top Delivery

We work with Tier 1 SMS providers, ensuring the best delivery possible.

Why Choose Us


We only cater to clients who are doing at least $50,000 per month in total sales volume.

Data Management

Our proprietary API will clean, verify, and scrub your data, ensuring the best possible results.


It’s important that all clients provide 100% valid, verified, opt-in data. We screen all records to make sure they’ve opted in to your product/service.

Why Choose Us


You see the exact cost of your campaigns, and we only charge you when sales are made.


Reach your account manager by phone, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram.


Whether you need to send volume or have multiple products/services you’re running, we have the volume to cater your needs.

Our Customers Love kontexto

When we first tried sending text messages to our customers we failed miserably. Our delivery was horrible and we just had no idea what we were doing. Philip and his team saved us a lot of time and money.
Brittany Davis , Lilly Health
Since creating an opt‐in followup SMS flow, we’ve seen our ROI skyrocket. Not only are more people buying our products ‐ they’re buying a lot more of our products as well.
David Higgins, Christian Limited
I have a range of clients and I refer ALL of them to Philip. From digital products to shopify stores, my clients love their results with customer retention rates and up‐sale take rates higher than they could have imagined.
Ann McFerran, Catch of Color
We were using another provider for about 12 months paying premium pricing and getting very low delivery as time went on. Since joining Philip and his team, our delivery has shot up with delivery rates between 20% ‐ 30% consistently, day in and day out.
Colton Strickland, Core Fitness Group
Reliable delivery and dedicated support. The pricing is great, the management is great, and the team behind the scenes know what they’re doing. Our results are incredible to say the least.
Jason Mathew, Amazing Ecommerce