Enterprise text marketing made simple.


Easily select and segment your audience to target customers based on what they bought from you, how much they spend, where they came from, and much more. With Kontexto you can segment customize your audience based on events, behaviors, or spending, leading to highly targeted marketing.


Quickly and easily send marketing text blasts to advertise and promote new products, sales, make announcements, confirm appointments, and more. Customize each message using smart tags. Our easy-to-use platform lets you see exactly what text your customers will receive as you type it in.

Seriously, this is the best SMS app I’ve ever used. So easy to use!


Make money on autopilot. With Kontexto, you can easily build automated drip SMS sequences like Welcome Series, Shipping Notifications, Abandoned Carts, Reminders, and much more. You can customize your sequences to deliver laser-focused and relevant messages to each customer.


You should monetize existing customers, but bringing on new subscribers and customers is where the opportunity really is. Kontexto comes packed with subscriber tools like mobile pop-ups, links to drive people to your website and Social Media pages, and click-to-text opt-ins.


Know Our Features


With Kontexto, you get the best SMS marketing analytics that there is. You can see exactly how customers respond to your messages so you can adapt your marketing, learn about your customers, and get more leads and customers. You can see message performance across custom time frames.


Kontexto makes it simple to integrate with Shopify stores, making it the BEST SMS marketing app for Shopify shop owners. Your Kontexto account automatically syncs with your store, taking in new customer data. Features include customized coupon creation, results-based analytics, and customer segmentation.


Kontexto allows you to communicate directly with customers one on one within your account so you can answer questions, resolve issues, customer support, or close sales via chat.


We know all about regulations. Kontexto does not allow spamming of any kind, and is always compliant with all US TCPA regulations. We automate compliance in the background so you can rest assured you and Kontexto will always be compliant.

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