Know the Results


Total Messages Delivered: 165,383,190


Total Clicks Received: 33,484,218


Total Client Revenues: In the millions!!


Our Clients’ Results

We’ve generated upwards of $300,000 in total sales…

“Our ROI is 210% on average. We’ve generated upwards of $300,000 in total sales PER MONTH on our self help training videos and coaching program. This is all from SMS campaigns using Kontexto.”

  • Avg Daily Spend: $3,071
  • Avg Daily Revenue: $9,264

Customers got excited and realized “We’re with the times!

“Gym memberships are at an all-time high. For a boutique gym in a small town... sending SMS was a big deal and got our customers excited and realized “we’re with the times!” Personal training packages are getting booked faster and appointments are getting filled more consistently.”

  • Avg Monthly Spend: $1,387
  • Avg Monthly Revenue: $19,294

Landing $10,000 clients with simple SMS follow-ups…

“Landing $10,000 clients with simple SMS follow-ups. I never thought sending out a few text messages would help me land bigger commissions and higher-paying clients. Customers are impressed and appreciate the extra form of communication.”

  • Avg SMS Spend Per Client: $8.17
  • Avg Art Commission Per Client: $2,500

SMS is a game-changer for our subscribers!

“We 5x our money every week. Not only that, our engagement is up, readers trust is up, and we have more visitors naturally returning daily just to view new content. SMS is a game-changer for our subscribers!”

  • Avg Weekly Spend: $9,133
  • Avg Weekly Revenue: $52,729